Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kundasang - Kiram's Village Part 2

 We stop by the road side market to buy some food for our dinner

 Since Allison and her relative are vegetarian, we bought only vege.

 I don't mind being Vegetarian for a day or two. It's good to clean up my digestive system.

Spotted this little creature in our vege.
Welcome to Kiram's Village.
Initially we thought only 3 of us will be coming here. Who know last minute join by another 3 girls.
And we call almost all the homestay at Kundasang area to try to get a bigger room maybe a cottage all to ourselves and all of them were fully booked.
Imagine the crowd.
End up, we stick to our one and only booking. Small little room at Kiram's Village.
this doesn't look like Malaysia isn't it.
Have I not tell you where I am, would you have guess where I am?

Hidden photographer.

This is a place were you do nothing. Serious........nothing to do here.
No internet, no TV.
Even my digi 3G sucks.......

So it force you to blend in with Mother Nature. Spend time with 'her' and breath in the fresh air given.
Relax the mind and body


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